Plus Lab is an ISO 9000 certified company and Plus Lab CNG cylinders are TISI 2311 / ISO 11439 standard approved

Plus Lab is an CNG Cylinder (CNG tank) manufacturer and innovation company. We are not Faber, EKC, Lincoln, Cilbras, Inflex, MAT or any other cylinder company as we understand the industry's need for energy and alternative fuel both from technology perspective and economical perspective. With cutting edge development taking place in the scientific world, we are able to make use of these new technologies and implement them in the real-world environment. The scope of our work includes but not limited to:

Super NGV -
ISO 11439 CNG cylinder information portal and faq ISO11439 portal
ISO 15500 CNG valve, CNG regulator, pressure regulator, gas filter, cylinder valve, components standard ISO 15500 CNG NGV components standard
IANGV International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles -
PTT Public limited company -
NGV global -

Note that CNG cylinder is same as CNG tank and Natural Gas talk. The Full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas. In some places they would call it NGV as NGV stands for Natural Gas Vehicle. The CNG cylinder type 2, type 3, and type 4 are also called CNG composite cylinder. For more information please check ISO 11439 information site.

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