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Innovation, Investment, and Technology people. What do we do?
We are love innovation, solving impossible problems. We are looking to collaborate on information gathering and technology developments in entertainment, investment, health, and IT related fields. Hope to be able to get great minds to work together. If you have interesting insights, questions, ideas, or suggestions, then please contact us.
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We continue to take on impossible projects. With contribution on howtos, codes, and presentations to the internet community over several decades, we will continue to innovate and continue to do this. We welcome impossibile projects, so if you need something done in the IT world, let us know. We will be delighted to discuss with you. Please go to

Our contributions:
github: rambkk

Xduino - ARM Compiler and IDE with Arduino-like support

PlusLab investment

We continually invest in interesting projects from innovation in real-estate development including hospitality sector to entertainment sector. Apart from these, we also continue to create innovation and invest in in sports sector, marketing firm and much more.


Here are some of our partners:

Booya: Celebrate Life with Our Brand of Fun and Community

SiamFC - a professional football club with partnership in development and innovation of sports data analytic tools.

The Continent hotel - our partner in hospitality business

Blog on SARS-CoV-2, Vaccines, pandemic research and knowledge sharing by world loving people

PlusLab covid19
Our Covid-19 blog - Covid19 information update

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Please feel free to contact us, we would like to share our knowledge and also learn from you. We can innovate together.
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